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About Us

Founder's Message

With great enthusiasm and commitment to usher a dynamic and vibrant company to the fullest potential, it is indispensible to give you a glimpse of ours and company. Mere words are not enough to describe with reference to the credibility and sustainability of the cited company, the volume of work speaks a lot to come off with flying colors in an era of fast changing of needs and requirements of esteemed clientele.

In a span of more than 23 years of my dedicated services as the head of security and administration in different organizations such as IRCTC, Group 4, Formula 1, IDBI, PHILIPS, Hindustan Times and so on that have earned me a lot of accolades from them. The gain of invaluable experience and expertise in several areas pertaining to security and administration, it would be a far reaching impact on services provided to the assignment entrusted with us by implementing the state of the art interventions.
Keeping in view of urgent and unavoidable requirements of Security and other Facility Management Services for the smooth functioning of any Organization or Industry, we always make ourselves presence at the doorsteps of our esteemed clientele to serve them the best of our services at all the times.

As far as RKMP SECURE SOLUTIONS is concerned, it is christened after thorough discussions by the Think Tank of ours as per the benchmark set up for the quality based services that materializes on the ground reality to make the clientele delighted. “Always Vigilant “ remains the core value of the management round the clock to meet their demands on challenging task of Security and Facility Management Services concerned by serving unmatched performance through different strata of our Think Tank. Scientific interventions and pragmatic approach in terms of Safety & Security are categorically envisaged in the Mission and Vision of our company. These days there are confronted with innumerable new challenges which are tackled with the concerted efforts of our team having different levels of strategy.

Our Mission

From vision to Action

RKMP SECURE SOLUTIONS is guided not only by our mission, but also by our values strategic goals, Our senior MANAGEMENT TEAM comes together on a regular basis to assess progress, readjust tactics to align with goals and raise the bar for the quality of our we forge with our clients. This ongoing oversight is critical to successful outcomes ark, the expertise of our workforce, and the relationships our clients and for RKMP SECURE SOLUTIONS

Values & Goals


Why Choose RKMP?

With safety and security concerns, choosing the wrong security company could RISK the safety of your staff, customers, visitors and financial profits! While potentially causing expensive attorney and lawsuit expenses, serious insurance liabilities and might damage your company's image for years, if the security guards actions or response to an incident is negligent. To protect your investments and personnel choose a security company without careless officer training, poor management, or any other negative qualities.

Quality and value at Competitive Rates

Our management group has a successful combination of highly innovative administrative structure, decades of experience to select and train our security officers going beyond industry standards and provide ethical business practices, so you receive quality at reasonable rates We want to provide valuable protection for your personal and benefit your business prosperity. The following are some key reasons, why to choose

Our Services

We have experience all across India, Our management has worked in the front line security positions and experienced all varieties of incidents and emergencies from violent assaults. To conclude, working with all types of people relative environments like years of social work and counseling has allowed the unique skills of public relation and customer service to assist your staff for your business success!

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